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re: App: Tormentium

The application submitted by Tormentium is as follows:


Do you have an authenticator?:

Character Name:

Current Server:


Please provde a link to your armory profile: (To put your best foot forward, be in your main spec, with optimal gear/gems/enchants/glyphs)::



Would you be willing to respec if requested?:

Are you able to follow simple instructions?:

Please provide links to a WWS Report or similar combat parse log. If one is not provided then expect a few trial runs before acceptance into the guild so we can evaluate. Instructions to capture and post are in the forums where applications are post:
will update later

Do you have or are you willing to install Ventrillo?:

Do you have or are you willing to acquire a working Microphone?:

Our main raid times are Tue-Thur 7-9:30 server time. Please explain if this works with your schedule or what problems might occur and what rate of attendance we could expect.:
works fine, although i have class on Tues until 7:50pm

What type of internet connection do you have?:

Do you often have lag or disconnect issues?:

What are your professions and why did you choose them?:
enchanting / bs

Previous 2 Guilds:
Kinda a big deal

Reasons for leaving your previous 2 guilds.:
havent raided in a while, but looking to start again.

Please explain your previous raiding experience::
quick learner and been playing and raiding for 8 years

Please list any No Drama members you think would vouch for you::
dont know any

Why do you want to join No Drama?:
looks like a good guild, and I would like to start heroic progression.

Why should No Drama invite you? What sets you apart or how do you fit in our guild mission?:
Im a quick learner and I love to help out fellow guildies in anyway I can

What are the most important add-ons you use?:
the main ones and kitty dps addons

How did you hear about No Drama? (your answer helps us focus on recruiting resources that are effective):
looked up the top raiding guilds on antonidas


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re: DECLINED - App: Tormentium - by Ezayzol


I'm willing to take you on a trial run but only for some non-heroic bosses first. I do have a few questions though. Looking at your armory isn't a good indicator, but I did notice a trend of a few months of raiding followed by almost a year of absence. Could you please shed some light on this.



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