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About No Drama
No Drama is a World of Warcraft Guild on US-Antonidas whose guild name says it all. We had a long and fun run as a raiding guild, but it has come to an end and we remain now as a social guild as a home for the relationships we've developed over the years since the formation of this guild during WotLK era.

For posterity sake, this was our mission statement when we were a raiding guild:

We are serious about pushing raid content and progression, but not doing it at the expense of the fun of the game. We expect our members to be mature, take constructive criticism, continuously improve and to have a good sense of humor. At this point in time, we intend to remain limited in size by finding the right balance of members that will fully support current 25 man content. Since we are choosing to remain small, we will also be careful in making sure that the people we bring in have an appropriate attitude and show the capacity to learn and use what they have well. You need to demonstrate that you have skill and perform appropriately based upon the gear you do have and that you can quickly pick up on the mechanics of new bosses. However, to be fair and honest, if you have a personality that causes undue drama and/or if you demonstrate an inability to adapt to new strategies, then you will probably not find a home with us. Thank you for coming and we look forward to slaying dragons with you.

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